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Emilia Clarke
Are you a Marketplace where I can offer my services or products?

A./ Xentraly is the platform on which we enable your marketplace, with your brand, image, and business model; we assist you to create your community of different product and service providers to serve the specific markets of your interest.
Emilia Clarke
I have a business that I want to take to the digital channel, but I understand that the cost is high and I do not have the budget to invest in my own marketplace or e-commerce.

A./ After understanding your business model and how it is monetized, Xentraly provides assistance for fast and low-cost implementation; to open the digital channel; our bet will be to grow together increasing your transactions and your income.
Emilia Clarke
Does Xentraly develop and sell the platform to me?, How can I make my adjustments and updates later?

A./ Xentraly configures and enables your business model. We guide your business during its evolution, so your business will be updated in terms of innovation and best practices in the market. In addition, Xentraly is committed to providing the best possible experience for its customers, its partners, and its community at large.
I know several e-commerce platforms for selling products, but I provide technical and professional services. How can I bring this to a digital channel?

A./ Our Xentraly platform is designed for the provision of services, which means managing availability, capacity, agenda management, service management, and service provision. This service is complemented by the interaction of your community of customers and allies and the integral management of your product offer according to your business model.
Is it enough to have the Marketplace platform, my brand, and upload all my allies who offer their services and products?

A./ When implementing your business model on the marketplace, it is necessary at least to consider the local legal and regulatory aspects, the payment gateways, and have a digital marketing strategy to generate the visibility and volume of expected transactions.
What I do could be part of a community. Can I invite other providers to build a Marketplace together?

A./ We have use cases and projects that attend this, entrepreneurs interested in creating communities with their colleagues, under the mystique of collaborative consumption; in Xentraly we accompany you from that conception of the model, brand, and implementation in your niches of interest.
I am a manufacturer of a product line and I have a network of distributors in the country, however, we want to expand our market, open new lines and develop a community in which our products are marketed incorporating complementary services offered by our partners to customers.

A./ Xentraly allows you to create a community that connects all suppliers, customers, allies, distributors and any other actor, allowing them to transact with each other and increase their sales and income while building customer loyalty.

// We empower and connect your communities, those that offer services and products with those that need them!


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